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Following the Light

With the lights down low and quiet moody moments interspersed with bursts of energy, the band Some Days are Darker is trying to create a vibe. “The last couple shows, people have pulled us aside after the set and said it was very romantic,” founder/lead singer Lear Mason says. “That seems to be the vibe that we’re bringing to the live show.”

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Good Album Friday Interview: Some Days Are Darker

Some Days are Darker is the bluesy, goth-tinged soul project by singer-songwriter Lear Mason. Inspired by ’80s alt-pop and ’50s-era recording, the solo endeavor calls back to rock-and-roll crooners like Chris Isaak as well as goth-rock greats like Nick Cave and The Sisters of Mercy.

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Video Premiere – “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Some Days Are Darker

Given its name, I suppose it’s not particularly surprising that Some Days are Darker produces music on the more gloomy side. In the hands of Phoenix-based, Detroit-raised musician Lear Mason, however, many of the smoky and bluesy songs found on the project’s debut album, Love+Truth, have a catchiness and pop sort of appeal, even on a track like “Take Me Anywhere,” which find Mason seeming to channel his inner Michael Gira on secondary vocal lines.

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Some Days Are Darker : Take Me Anywhere:: Official Video

Some Days Are Darker (Lear Mason) has released the second preview from their upcoming album in the form of “Take Me Anywhere.” “Take Me Anywhere” is a sinister crooner that can’t really be called a love song but it is romantic in a way.  “Take Me Anywhere” is available on the upcoming album Love + Truth which will be out July 31 via Inferno Choir.

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Vents Magazine Interview: Some Days Are Darker

Hi Lear, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Thank you for having me. I’ve been well. The world has slowed down a little bit this year which has allowed me to put some undivided attention towards things like writing, recording, and video production, which I’ve been enjoying.

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Shedding Light: Some Days Are Darker Blends Goth with Crooning

When Lear Mason was in his early 20s in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, he crossed the border into Michigan and headed to goth clubs like City Club and Luna. That laid the foundation for his music career in bands like his latest, Some Days are Darker, which releases its debut album “Love+Truth” on July 31.

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