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Following the Light

August 7, 2023

With the lights down low and quiet moody moments interspersed with bursts of energy, the band Some Days are Darker is trying to create a vibe. “The last couple shows, people have pulled us aside after the set and said it was very romantic,” founder/lead singer Lear Mason says. “That seems to be the vibe that we’re bringing to the live show.”

The Phoenix band’s next show is supporting Vision Video and Urban Heat at The Nile Underground in Mesa on Wednesday, August 9. Some Days are Darker will perform seven songs from its 2020 debut EP, “Love+Truth,” the 2022 self-titled album and its forthcoming record, “2.”

“This is going to be a great for us, musically,” he says of the gig. “Promoters who are wondering what bands we belong with, this is the answer.”

The set list will also feature the unreleased track “Downpour,” which Mason calls “our most unapologetically post-punk-influenced song so far.”

“I’m a big fan of Depeche Mode, Joy Division and The Cure,” he adds. “Those kinds of sounds are still firmly in the Some Days are Darker universe. Having the first EP and LP under our belt, we’re leaning into our post-punk roots right now.”

“I’m really happy that I’m in this place now and I have these goals to keep writing songs,” says Mason, whose studio is near Roosevelt Row. “I love the recording process. I love the album process and being able to figure out a title, the artwork and what we’re trying to say.”

Some Days are Darker’s music is therapeutic for Mason, who has been working on his mental health. He says everybody needs to pay more attention to it these days.

“I think there’s still quite a stigma around it,” he says. “The more we can break down those walls, the better.

“Anxiety, obsessive thinking and depression are things I’ve been constructively working on. ‘Glitter Bomb’ is literally a song about white knuckling it through trauma. I’m trying to do the work and keep myself in a good place.”

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