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Some Days Are Darker are Consumed by the Dark Side of Romance on Passionate ‘Obsession’

March 5, 2024

“Do you know why we long for blackness, and the dark? Because that’s where all of the feelings are hidden.”

Love is all consuming, a pyre upon which we willingly surrender ourselves in pursuit of an eternity spent in the throes of fiery passion. But there is a dark side to ecstasy, a searing heat devoid of the hypnotic brilliance of the flames in which one can become lost and forever alone despite the magnitude of emotion that radiates from within. That dark side is obsession, and it is the subject of Some Days Are Darker’s latest single and the closest the band has gotten yet to the immediacy of a pop song. Shedding the baroque intricacies of traditional gothic stylings without compromising on overall heft, Some Days Are Darker introduce lean post-punk and hints of angular New Wave into their mix, a fresh approach that expands the band’s palette and brightens their sound while remaining true to the core tenets of their commitment to the underworld.

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